The Life of Jesus is told throughout the Bible many times over. However, we decided to take a unique perspective of Jesus’ life and explain it through images. Throughout our time in Italy and other parts of Europe, we have come across many pictures of Jesus. Our blog is divided up into 5 sections. Each person contributed 5 pictures to our blog. The pictures chosen were pictures that the student found that moved them the most. The 5 categories that the pictures fall into are as follows:

1.) Birth: This section is anything describing the birth of Christ and Christ as a baby. Many of the pictures depicting Christ as a baby are the Madonna with Child. We have other pictures for the birth of Christ including the Incarnation page from The Book of Kells, Adoration of the Magi – Medici, and others.

2.) Life/Teachings: The majority of paintings depicting Jesus include his death or Him as a child. Often times overlooked and overshadowed by His miraculous birth and sacrifice, the middle part of Jesus’ life is also very important. Since this portion of his life is not as popular for paintings, we decided to make this our main focus and the majority of our pictures are from this section.

3.) Pre-Death: Jesus’ suffered immensely leading up to his death. Many times, people just think about Him suffering on the cross. However, Jesus was beat, tortured, and disobeyed by His followers. These times were powerful and truly showed Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

4.) Death: Is there any religious image more readily found than Jesus on the cross? There is a reason that this image is so important. Without Jesus dying, we would not be saved. An eternity in hell does not sound appealing to any of us, therefore, we are thankful for Christ’s gift to us. There were plenty of pictures depicting Jesus’ death. The art that we have posted in the death section is the art most moving to us.

5.) Post-Death: Jesus dying for us was very important, however, anyone can die. His resurrection three days later was what made his sacrifice a miracle. Unfortunately, there are not as many pieces of art depicting Jesus after his resurrection. However, we found this section to still be necessary so we added it even though there are not as many pictures.

Our blog is not complicated yet simple, just like Jesus’ life. Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding our knowledge of the pictures. This blog is intended for our Digital Art Gallery presentation for our Humanities class at Geneva College Semester in Rome. All pictures included on this site were taken from the internet or taken by a group member. Pictures taken from the internet are credited to the owner and linked to their site.


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