Christ Healing the Paralytic – Kelcee Headlee

20 Apr




Artist: Murillo

Medium: Oil on canvas

Location: National Gallery: London, England

Date: Began in 1667, Ended in 1670

Dimensions: 237 x 261 cm

Bartoleme Esteban Murillo was born in 1617. All throughout his life, he lived, worked and died in one Spanish town- Seville. During the 18th and 19th centuries, he would become one of the most loved and popular European painters.  He was famous during the Baroque period of art. It was said that he had a pretty “uneventful life” although he was painting marvelous works of art and would be world renowned, becoming very successful and living what was thought to be the “good life”.  I personally would have to disagree with the idea that Murillo’s life was “uneventful” especially after seeing the beautiful work he created telling certain stories told in the Bible.

Everyone has their own idea of Jesus’ ministry as did Murillo while he was creating his artwork. He painted “Christ Healing the Paralytic” between the years of 1667 and 1670. The same story is told three different ways by three different people who were in close relation with Christ. The story is told in the Gospels Matthew (9:2-8), Mark (2:3-12), and Luke (5:17-26). My favorite telling of this amazing story would be in the gospel of Luke. There is not necessarily a reason why I prefer this version over the others, it is simply the fact that I like how it was written because you are able to envision the man who was paralyzed. The man had a group of amazing and loving friends. They did everything they could to get Jesus’ attention so that their friend could be healed.

This is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. You are able to hear of a group who loves one another and would do anything for each other. They went out on a limb, well rooftop, to get their friend the attention he needed. The friends got a mat, and lowered the paralytic down in front of Christ. In this group of friends, you are able to see the faith they have in each other. The paralytic relied on his friends for his safety and that they would lower him with ease in front of Jesus. His friends believed and had faith that their friend would be healed if they got him in front of the Lord. The thing they had in their relationship with one another was faith.

Many people lack faith and hope in another person’s abilities. We have a fear of relying and trusting on others because we do not want to be disappointed.  The paralytic and his friends put their faith in each other and then the Lord provided for them and they were able to get their goal accomplished. The only reason that the man was healed was because he and his friends first relied on God, then on each other. We need to put all of our trust in the Lord and He will provide and bring us out of our obstacles and hardships just like Jesus was able to rescue the man from his hardship of being paralyzed for his life.  The Lord provided because He is faithful to those who are faithful to Him and each morning the mercies are new.*/key-facts


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